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Acrylic Nail Liquid Monomer Acrylic Nail Liquid Monomer Choose the perfect Acrylic Nail Liquid for your ability or environment, in the perfect size to suit you.
Products x 19
Prices from: £3.41 - £191.99
Acrylic Powders - Essential Powders for everyday use. Acrylic Powders - Essential Powders for everyday use. Must have range of acrylic powders for everyday salon use.
Products x 89
Prices from: £2.42 - £20.00
Coloured Nail Art Acrylic Powder Coloured Nail Art Acrylic Powder Acrylic Powder comes in a wide choice of colours and is perfect for creating beautiful Acrylic Nails
Products x 180
Prices from: £2.10 - £169.00
Nude Nails. Cover Foundation Acrylic Powders Nude Nails. Cover Foundation Acrylic Powders Don't Say No To Naked Nails with Naio's Nude Acrylic Powders.
Products x 90
Prices from: £2.49 - £29.99
Acrylic, Gel and Nail Art Kits Acrylic, Gel and Nail Art Kits Acrylic and Gel Nail Kits containing everything you need to start creating fantastic nails.
Products x 46
Prices from: £14.39 - £169.00
Gel Nail Polish - Urban Graffiti Gel Nail Polish - Urban Graffiti All Urban Graffiti Gel Polishes are buy 2 get 1 Free
Products x 18
Prices from: £2.42 - £39.99
Professional Nail Tips By Naio Nails Professional Nail Tips By Naio Nails You don't have to choose between quality and price when buying your nail tips
Products x 61
Prices from: £4.99 - £4.99
Builder and Sculpture UV Gels Builder and Sculpture UV Gels Products x 13
Prices from: £6.71 - £6.71
Metallic Effect UV Gel Metallic Effect UV Gel Products x 41
Prices from: £6.49 - £51.42
Del-Sol Daylight Changing Nail Varnish Del-Sol Daylight Changing Nail Varnish These amazing unique nail polishes are the perfect summer nail design must have. Changing in the sun in just a few seconds and reverting back to their original colour withing a few minutes of being in...
Products x 19
Prices from: £6.99 - £6.99
Nail Art Glitters Nail Art Glitters Nail Art Glitters from Naio allow you to add sparkle, bling and brighten up your nails easily.
Products x 198
Prices from: £1.43 - £1.43
Caviar Micro Pearl Beads Caviar Micro Pearl Beads The widest selection of coloured Glass Nail Art Caviar Beads online from Naio Nails.
Products x 38
Prices from: £1.43 - £1.99
Glitter Fiber Glitter Fiber super fine glitter strands
Products x 14
Prices from: £1.43 - £1.43
Paints Paints Highly pigmented nail art paint, perfect for fine lines, detailing and one stroke nail art
Products x 78
Prices from: £1.91 - £2.99
Crushed Shells Crushed Shells Crushed Shells
Products x 10
Prices from: £1.49 - £1.49
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Acrylic and Gel Nail Supplies

Salon Products

Naio Nail Salon Supplies

Open to trade and public, Naio Nails offer quality UV Gel, Acrylic, Gel Polish and Nail Art products at a fantastic price.  
Orders dispatched same day if ordered by 4pm.  Our next day delivery services are second to none.

Welcome to Naio – a leading UK supplier of professional nail and beauty products delivered right to your door. As one of the fastest growing companies in this field, we specialise in the distribution of wholesale nail care and beauty supplies to beauty professionals, nail technicians and nail salons worldwide.

Naio also provides nail products to those involved with the academic side of the industry, with many of our most popular items being used by students, as well as those looking to achieve the same stunning look at home.

Nail extensions and tips

Long nails by their very nature are alluring, but they are not always that easy to maintain. With nail extensions from Naio you won’t have to worry, as you ultimately get to decide on the finish and the method used to create that natural look. Our team of nail experts strive to source the best products on the market and only supply extensions that take care of you and your nails, whether you are looking to purchase on a personal or professional level. Whether your main goal is to have the most realistic artificial nails or the most creative, you can be sure that we can deliver precisely what you need here in our online store. We also have a fabulous selection of nail tips, including an assortment of natural, clear and coloured styles, so breaking a nail is no longer that big a deal.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are incredibly attractive due to their length and the unique designs that can be imprinted onto them by nail artists or nail technicians. The acrylic nails provided by Naio offer the best results for your nails as our catalogue contains the same products used by the beauty professionals.

Gel Nails

When you need to choose between acrylic nails and the gel variety, it is worth weighing up the benefits of each type before agreeing to get them fitted. Many customers prefer gel nails as they tend to appear more natural compared to other artificial options.

If you are unsure about this decision it is important to speak to a nail technician to get the lowdown on each nail type.

However, one thing that can’t be denied is the beauty of gel nails after they have been applied. UV gel requires curing under a UV lamp.

As someone who takes great pride in her appearance, it is quite understandable that you would want your nails to be kept looking their best. With the specialist nail products from Naio, you can be sure that this is always the case.

Nail Art

When you visit your usual beauty salon you can expect to be pampered and taken care of in an extra special kind of way. As well as a manicure and pedicure, you can now take advantage of another luxury service in the form of modern nail art. Nowadays, beauty technicians have an array of options at their disposal to produce the most amazing nail art imaginable. Using the nail art tools, accessories, colours and polishes from Naio, they can really work wonders on your fingers. This advanced type of nail adornment is really popular as it can provide a woman with something truly individual and ensures they will receive plenty of positive attention in response to their stunning nails.

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