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100/180 Black Boomerang Nail Files

Our range of professional quality nail files come in a variety of grits, to suit every application.

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Nail files of a salon professional quality, easily sanitised and ergonomic, with a boomerang-shaped design.

Having a nail file which is easily sanitised is essential for any nail salon or nail technician. Always remember to spray tools and nail files with surface sanitiser spray before and after each use.
As a really nice touch, and to boost client confidence, why not give your clients the nail files you have been using on them after you have carried out their nail application procedure.
Nail File Abrasive Surface Info:

The higher the grit rating, the finer the abrasion and the gentler the nail file will be on the natural nail. This is no good if you are working on tough acrylic nails though, artificial nails will need a more abrasive file some overlays will need incredibly tough files to deal with them. So the tougher the nails, the lower the grit level you should choose.

Colours are a matter of personal preference.

Choose the right nail file for the application

80 Grit = Extra-Coarse
Use on even the toughest acrylic applications, for removing gel nails, fiberglass nails and acrylic nail extensions.
Also great for hard skin removal on feet.

100 Grit - Coarse
For shaping sculptured and tip and overlay acrylic and gel nails or hard toenails during a pedicure.

180 - Medium
Essential for finer details of artificial nails like shaping the nail tips before acrylic nail application and blending nail tips.

240 - Fine
It is not recommended that you would use a nail file with a grit rating less than 240 grit on the natural nail including manicures and nail preparation. Remember that the higher the number, the finer the nail file.
The 240 grit nail file can also be used for those final details before buffing acrylic nails.

Product weight = 10g 123

Product Delivery: 100/180 Black Boomerang Nail Files

This product can be delivered to any of the countries that we ship to.

Order before 4pm Monday to Friday and your order will be dispatched the same day.
Orders made after 4pm Friday or on Saturday or Sunday be dispatched on Monday.

Courier Deliveries:
Mainland UK orders will be delivered the next working day.
Northern and Southern Ireland orders will be delivered two working days after dispatch.
Deliveries to the rest of Europe will take approx 2-7 working days.

First Class & First Class Recorded
Royal Mail makes deliveries on a Monday to Saturday. 
Delivery will usually be 1-4 days after dispatch.

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