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Nail Tips

Beautifully-done nails can make a woman look incredibly appealing and the nail tips or nail extensions from Naio can really extenuate wonderful nail art. You are sure to get fantastic results with these nail tips which come in a variety of fashionable shapes, shades and styles.

You can get perfect long nails with these nail tips which mean you will never have to worry about short or brittle nails ever again. Just choose from the size and design of nail which takes your fancy and you will have stunning new nails in no time.The nail tips from Naio are made using the most suitable materials available, such as plastic and acrylic with both proving to be strong and simple to work with in terms of producing attractive nail art. Choose from French, Natural Salon, Crystal Clear, Coloured, U-Shaped nail tips and more in the extensive collection on the Naio website.

Box of 100 Lime Green Nail Tips

Box of 100 Lime Green Nail Tips

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