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Stamping Plate

Stamping Nail Art is one of the quickest and easiest way to create Beautiful Nail Designs. Nail Art is becoming ever more popular, along with the rising demands from clients for more complex and intricate Nail Art Designs. These complex Nail Designs need not have a complex application.
Using a Nail Art Stamp is a simple and effective way to create lively, beautiful Nail Art Designs. Naio's Nail Stamping Kits can be used on the natural nail, along with Acrylic Nail and Gel Nail Systems. Easily create intricate, professional and inspiring designs with our Nail Art Stamps.
Each Nail Art Plate contains 11 unique designs, which can be used individually or together to create your chosen Nail Art Designs.
These Nail Art Plates are best used with the Naio Stamping Pad and Scraper set.

How to use Nail Art Stamps & Nail Art Plates
Firstly, remove the clear protective packaging from the Nail Plate. 
Apply the desired polish to the chosen design. 
Using the scraper remove any excess polish from the Nail Art Plate and whilst the polish is still wet, use the Nail Art Stamping Pad to pick up the design from the plate and then apply this to the nail. 
Finish off with a top coat to protect your Nail Art Design.

Silicone Jelly Head Stamper - Clear

Silicone Jelly Head Stamper - Clear

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